MTM/Save On Rx

Find affordable prescription drug options with Medication Therapy Management

GuidePoint Pharmacy’s Medication Therapy Management services provide you with the tools to save money by finding affordable prescription drug options.

Our pharmacists work with your insurance provider and physician to determine which medications will be most affordable while achieving positive health outcomes.

We’ll make sure you fully understand and take your medications properly. Do you know what time of day is best to take each of your medications? Which medications need to be taken with food or without food? We can tell you how to take your medications in the best way — and explain why.

Schedule a Medication Therapy Management consultation with a GuidePoint pharmacist and review your prescriptions and health history to ensure you are taking the most effective, cost-efficient medications available.

At GuidePoint Pharmacy, we take a team approach when evaluating your medication needs, working with your physician every step of the way. Visit with your GuidePoint pharmacist about Medication Therapy Management today.